1. Who are you?

I’m Joon and I started making this collections since 2017. 

2. Why should I buy from you? 

Not only will you support a Korean-Canadian, but every print is sustainably sourced from printing to shipping!

3. What’s the delivery time on these prints? 

All prints are made to order and will be shipped between 5-10 business days! 


4. What’s the print and frame material?

They are printed with archival ink on museum quality premium fine art paper. Currently I only offer wooden frames in black, natural, and white.


5. Prices are still high…

Others that sell prints and framed prints with the same quality charge almost double compared to these costs that you see here. It's a win, win....win, win situation. Michael Scott approved. 


6. Can I make a custom order? 

Depends on a case to case basis. If there’s art you’d like for me to print, send me a message through the contact page and let's chat!

7. Are these the only sizes you carry?

For now, yes. The art I produce matches with the 4:5 ratio.


8. Can I make a return? 

Only if the print has been damaged through shipping! If your cat decides to sit and kneed all over it, as much as I love cats, I won’t be able to make that return for you. Sorry! 


9. Do you have a cat? 

Yes, I have a grumpy, old orange tabby named Bee! And now, I’m running out of questions to answer. 

10. You didn’t answer any of my questions though..

Ahh, shoot. Send me a message through contact and I’ll reply faster than a FedEx guy running away from delivering a package.